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Are you really satisfied with the blatant lying from American politicians? Yes? It can change. Are you really content with the blatant lying of the local L.A. Television News. Yes? It can change.

Vote for the optimist and visionary L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena for a change and become inspired by the fearless Mozena as he takes on the establishments for the good of the people. The people run the government not the politicians or corporations. Mozena sued the city politicians and won for his community! Mozena has taken on the local TV media for their blackout of 9 of the 15 L.A. mayoral candidates.

Become Politically Inspired.
Were you or are you politically inspired by the Governor Jesse Ventura, Senator John McCain, Businessman Ross Perot or Activist Ralph Nader? There's another even more charismatic and inspiring man than these. His name is Steve Mozena. Check him out and vote for him. Then, witness the installation of honest government for the people by the people.

Grassroots CampaignGrassrootsRabbit.gif (54705 bytes)

Steve Mozena went to the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, lead by now L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Soboroff and requested grass seed for his community. Soboroff and the Commission said there was no money in the budget. Steve Mozena offered to write a check to pay for the seed if the city promised to plant and take care of the seedlings. They agreed. Steve wrote the check, but the city did not live up to its end of the bargain. So, Mr. Mozena first exhausted all measures to get his money returned by requesting his funds be returned by Soboroff and then asked the now L.A. Candidate for Mayor City Attorney Jim Hahn for his money back, they both said no. As a final resort, Mr. Mozena sued the city in small claims court and won. At this juncture, Mozena said to himself these men shouldn't be our leaders...they have no compassion or accountability for our community...what makes them any different than any other politician who just pays lip service? Steve Mozena, at this point, threw his cap in the ring.   He knows L.A. needs a real leader.

Stern refuses Mozena's Political Commercials!

howie.jpg (13336 bytes)

The King of All Media as exclaimed by himself and supposedly champion of 1st Amendment rights Shock Jock Howard Stern refused to air L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena's radio spots during Howard's show on the local KLSX FM 97.1. Mozena was called 3 times and told no by the station.

Truly, does Howard really give a crap about the 1st Amendment, L.A. or his bank account? Is this Nazi-type media exclusion?

In fact, offbeat and regular on Howard's show Melrose Larry Green also a mayoral candidate agreed to debate Mozena on the show, but producers of the Stern show have not returned calls from either Green or Mozena.

At this point, L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena will only appear on Howard's show for free. He's not interested in putting money the account of a hypocrite for Americans' Rights.

Asner calls Mozena

edasner.jpg (4999 bytes)

Actor Ed Asner telephoned Steve Mozena, a member of SAG and AFTRA,  and offers him encouraging words for his campaign. Mozena says that he  wants to keep Hollywood in Hollywood, not Canada!

As Ed will tell you, being Mayor of Los Angeles is not a one man show!

There's an important part for you to play as members of the entertainment community.

Every SAG, AFTRA, WGA, DGA and so forth has a major role in the city of L.A.

You have contributed much to the success of our home. Thanks!

With your help, we can elect a Mayor who understands the greatness L.A. can achieve through the dedication of creative men and women like you.

As Mayor of Los Angeles, I will seek your ideas and input to help restore LA. My goals are to improve traffic flow in and around town...reduce the city's crime...beautify the city...make our schools the best in the nation...and bring a renewed sense of peace to our neighborhoods.

When the stage is Los Angeles and the cast includes all of our residents, there's no thought of a flop at the box office.

On Tuesday, April 10th, you be the casting director and choose a fellow union member, Steve Mozena, Mayor of Los Angeles.

buy.jpg (18411 bytes)

Mayor Mozena for L.A. unleashes 5 flyers to Los Angeles Citizens. One of the 5 seen above. Also, Mozena's campaign unveils yard signs.


The rampant spoilage of our democratic system by the television stations covering Los Angeles has gone unchecked. At a time when vital and responsive leadership is needed, slanted news coverage is defeating the American dream. Fifteen candidates for mayor of Los Angeles will appear on the ballot April 10, 2001. Yet the local Los Angeles television stations consistently filter out all but six of these candidates. Nine candidates, brimming with innovative ideas, offering needed solutions and presenting valuable perspectives, are going unheard. This is "Mediagate", the unfortunate decision to exclude qualified candidates, to render them invisible. What a loss for democracy!

Of the nearly 4 million citizens of Los Angeles, only approximately 250,000 voted in the most recent April and June elections. I believe that many more registered voters in our city will be moved to vote when they hear a candidate who speaks to their needs. The problem with Mediagate is that it creates an unfair advantage for the six media-favored candidates, and this advantage increases each time the other nine candidates are not visible. As the other nine are cut out of the picture, they fall farther behind, losing opportunities to gain votes and giving up important ground in their quest for campaign contributions.

How can the television stations exclude candidates from coverage when we have equal time laws? Are the local television stations willing to flaunt the Federal Communications Commission regulators? Do these stations realize that the Federal Communication Commission may revoke their broadcast license or levy a severe fine?

Who can stop the rot in the media? I am willing to blow the whistle and hold the press accountable. I am actively in the process of selecting top legal representation to sue the local television broadcast stations and their parent companies under our equal time laws. I have also opened the door for the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to join in this suit involving the violation of civil rights. I will ask not only for local coverage as provided by the law, but also for monetary compensation sufficient to level the playing field enjoyed by the six media-favored candidates.

I urge all Los Angeles residents to express their outrage and demand fair news coverage for all of the candidates. The telephone numbers of Los Angeles television station news directors are below:
Mr. Dennis Herzit at KCAL-9 News 1-323-469-4979, Mr. Jeff Wald at KTLA-5 News 1-323-460-5333, Ms. Cheryl Fair at KABC-7 News 1-818-863-777, , Mr. Roger Bell at KCBS-2 News 1-323-460-3733, Mr. Nancy Bauer-Gonzales at KNBC-4 News 1-818-840-4444, Mr. Jose Rios at FOX-11 News 1-310-584-2000, and Mr. Larry Perret at UPN-13 News 1-323-851-1000.


A public thank you to Costco for allowing Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles Citizens to gather signatures for his nominating petitions at their Westside and  Valley locations.  Mr. Mozena has qualified with the required signatures and will be on ballot  April 10th   thanks to Costco and the hundreds of signatures from the registered voters and Costco customers of Los Angeles. Sincerely, I thank all of you!

VENICE, CA - "A computer in every Los Angeles household and a personal web page for every individual," says mayoral candidate Steve Mozena during his campaign to be the "e-man," the "e-candidate" and the "e-mayor" for the future of Los Angeles.

Mozena, who saw the vision of the electronic world back before the Web was "hip", created the first electronic college academic publishing company in 1994. See

He pledges to draw in members of the collegiate community for his "e-Mayoral" administration as well as implement a cutting-edge computerization program for the city and its citizens.

Mozena's e-vision is to have a web page for all city departments set up as an "open book," where budgets may be readily viewed, expenditures easily found and city bids and awards checked for favoritism towards certain vendors, moreover, the ability to spot waste and corruption.

His e-vision for Los Angeles includes online education playing a more important role for children K-12, with students going to class with others from all over the world, creating a diverse education. In addition, students would not be judged on how they look, but on their work.

African-American Entrepreneur Allen Suggs has seen Mozena as someone willing to help a person with a dream. Suggs, an artist who creates gift items such as bracelets and rings out of craft wire, felt he might get "left behind" with technology and asked Mozena how he could obtain a web site for his wirebike company.

To his delight, Mozena gave him exact advice on starting his company. Suggs said the company is now on the web at, and credits Mozena for his success.

Suggs said, "You're the e-man! You helped me get started on the web with all the answers! You have my vote for mayor...You're the e-mayor Mozena for Los Angeles!"


oilspill.gif (2655 bytes)

L.A. In Slick Oil?

Why does the L.A. broadcast media always buy into oil price hikes?  Are they a bunch of chumps?

For instance, just like now, why does the price rise  every year right before the summer tourist season? Couldn't the oil companies anticipate and compensate for the increased demand  after so many years of experience? 

How much is a barrel of crude oil? Do the math! I wish the media  would research the cost of oil production to figure out the actual cost of a gallon  of gasoline. The media would be a lot  slower to buy into the oil companies' P.R. schemes if  they new the truth. Don't forget volume discounts!

I'm a businessman and I'd love the media  to report that prices were  soaring in my field of work every year. Think of the profits I'd make. The L.A. media could do a lot more good by publishing the locations of the cheapest  gas in the city. Upon my suggestion, a radio talk show host did just that to combat rising oil prices a few years ago. It certainly increased competition!

In any event, let's break down the barriers of entry and ask the U.S. Government if it can help us start an oil company!

Telephone Companies and TV/Cable stations you're next on the list.


Labor Union Liesseiulogo.gif (5571 bytes)

Do you think your Union really cares about you and your family or does it just care about itself like the Local 347 SEIU Union?

Do you know your Union leaders are hiding the fact there are actually 15 L.A. Mayoral Candidates?

Is this lying for the good of you and the Local 347 families? Or are Union members being coerced into voting for one of the six select candidates? How can a union that censors information be acting on the behalf of its members and their families? I would welcome a union that puts forth tough questions and demands all of the candidates address member concerns, but a union that systematically hides the truth is not acting for the members, but rather for those few privileged with power and wealth.

In fact, what else is your union willing to lie to you and your family about to sustain itself?

Remember, no matter who your Union endorsed. It's not up to your Union on how you vote on April 10th at the voting booth, but who you think will help you and your family the most as mayor of Los Angeles.

Don't be blindly led by your Union like Hitler led his his Nazi soldiers.

I ask you to vote from your heart and head for you and your family and vote for me.

Truly, I'll help you, and your family, and your fellow Union members' families.

Vote for Mayor Steve Mozena for Los Angeles Tuesday April 10th. Thank you.

Mozena to appear on T.V. Talk ShowTalkshowhost.gif (49019 bytes)

Producers of TV Talk Show Host Jon Stewart's Daily Show have contacted L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena and asked him to appear on Jon's show. Will TV Talk Show Hosts Larry King, Jay Leno, Bill O'Reilly, Oprah Winfrey, and Regis Philbin follow suit? Time will tell. Do they smell a winner?

Unfortunately, spineless Jon got cold feet and cancelled interview with Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena.

Mozena hires Political Strategist

BobWinford.gif (12407 bytes)

With more than 500 political campaigns to his credit and an 85% percent win rate, Steve Mozena hired the Political Strategist Bob Winford from Michigan. Will the "Underdog" Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena garner a surprise victory and leave egg on the face of the media political pundits and actually win this primary election on April 10th. Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura have changed the political landscape. Who would have thought a B-rated Actor would have been the President of the U.S. or now a baseball team owner? Will Steve help groom the future political playing field by being elected Mayor of Los Angeles. Watch.


Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Steve Mozena?

leprechaun.gif (25029 bytes)

Yes, Steve Mozena is half Irish. Steve's mother was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Now, will Steve Mozena have the luck of the Irish on April 10th? Your vote holds the answer. Vote Mozena.

E-Fireside Chats

ThinkDiffLeaderandSteve.jpg (217543 bytes)

Just like the great leaders who have traveled before us,  Steve Mozena stands on their shoulders and beyond this, is an out-of-the-box thinker who will not only communicate with citizens of Los Angeles through radio, cable and TV beachside chats, but as the e-mayor, Mozena will interactively communicate through e-mail and chats online to solve the citizens' challenges of L.A. because he knows that communication is the most important ingredient in the recipe of ALL relationships.

Mayor Mozena for L.A.


You may reach into your home mailbox and discover the Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena inside your coupon and savings Val Pak or Promotion Exchange mailers.

Among the coupons for discounted haircuts, car washes, or Internet service providers to free dental or free podiatry exams is a flyer with a photo of Candidate Steve Mozena for Mayor of Los Angeles on it, "The Fighter for your better future in Los Angeles," with some of the reasons explaining why Los Angeles City Voters should Volunteer, Contribute and Vote for him on April 10, 2001 for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Some of the reasons he has listed in the mailer on the flyer are as follows:

1. Mr. Mozena has Creative Ideas and Solutions to City Challenges.
2. Mr. Mozena has been dubbed the "e-mayor" with his vision of the Internet for his academic publishing company. See
3. Mr. Mozena pledges to draw in members of the collegiate community for his "e-Mayoral" administration as well as implement a cutting-edge computerization program for the city and its citizens.
4. Mr. Mozena's e-vision is to have a web page for all city departments set up as an "open book," where budgets may be readily viewed, expenditures easily found and city bids and awards checked for favoritism towards certain vendors and thwart waste and corruption.
5. Mr. Mozena's e-vision for Los Angeles includes online education playing a more important role for children K-12, with students going to class with others from all over the world, creating a diverse education. In addition, students would not be judged on how they look, but on their work.
6. Mr. Mozena wants to beautify Los Angeles and create a "Shangri L.A." to make the citizens of Los Angeles proud of their city as well as increase Tourism for Los Angeles and Hollywood.
7. Mr. Mozena wants to empower ALL citizens and help ALL people from the homeless to the wealthy to have a better quality of life in Los Angeles. In fact, big-hearted Mr. Mozena is working to help a homeless man get signed with a major record label for a song the homeless man wrote and sings about the love of humanity.
8. Mr. Mozena believes smaller is better. Localized neighborhood control of police, education and maintenance to the point of creating new cities to thwart waste and corruption, and, if neighborhoods aren't empower with their fair and equitable distribution of the resources from the city of Los Angeles, then Mr. Mozena believes they, the neighborhoods, should be allowed to become their own chartered cities.
9. Mr. Mozena wants to create Citizen Owned Sports Teams. If Los Angeles citizens subsidize the sports stadiums and arenas, then the L.A. citizens should profit from the teams, for example, the proposed a L.A. Football team.

Underestimated & Unintimidated

Is Mayor Mozena for L.A. the "Underdog" Candidate?

An Open Book Co. & City

Enter Mozena's e-world of Mozena's e-vision for education with his company E-TEXT Electronic Textbook Publishing

"I want my Dad"

guitareddie-pic.gif (11254 bytes)

Homeless Dad "Left Behind"

ClaireArellano.jpg (2522 bytes)

Mr. Mozena: Hello. My name is Claire Arellano and Eddie Arellano is my father. His music is beautiful. I have been waiting for the day that someone would notice his talent other than his family. Just to let you know, I think what your doing is for an awesome, awesome cause. I was completely shocked to look on the Internet and see my father, the guy that has been homeless and trying to make it his whole life. Please continue doing everything you can to make his dream true. I can promise you it would change the lives of more people than just him! I am one out of nine, of his children. Every one of us is looking over this situation; I cannot wait to see what comes out of this. If there is anything I can do to contribute to this, whether it be promoting the story, getting as much possible feedback as possible from who ever, what ever it may take, just let me know. Please respond with any new information with what is going on? I hope to hear from you soon. You are awesome.[more]

Claire Arellano"

Rooftop Windmills:  Creative Solution to the California Energy Crisis

I have proposed through the Los Angeles TV News Media a long -term solution to the California energy crunch.

The solution is to create self-sufficient energy homes with Rooftop Windmills and Roof Solar Power.
Remember, TV Antennas and now Dishes?
In a similar way, we can create self-sufficient energy homes and have rooftop "windmill antennas" on new homes.

How can this be done?

Create a new law to have home developers install these windmills with energy storage tanks with ALL new houses along with the roof solar power system.
Additionally, when an existing home is sold, legislate the windmill-solar system must be installed in the residence before the sale is complete.
Just one of many of Mozena's creative ideas and solutions to California's Challenges.

Additionally, I'd work with Mexican President Vincente Fox to build a couple of additional power plants in Mexico for a twofold reason: One to employ the Mexican labor with the construction of the plants and its eventual operation and two: to provide electricity to Mexico citizens as well as sell the extra energy to the state of California for its citizens.


Mayoral Candidate Mozena issues Chicken Challenge to L.A. TV News Directors: It's Raw Chicken for the Soul!

On February 7th, L.A. Television News Directors Cheryl Fair, Larry Perret, Jeff Wald, Roger Bell, Dennis Herzit, and Nancy Bauer-Gonzales, at approximately 10:00 am, received a raw chicken each, including the head and feet, from L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena, to symbolize they are Super Chickens if they do not honestly and objectively report under the federal laws of "Equal Time" and "Public Interest" about ALL of the 16 Mayoral Candidates. The public has a right to know each and every L.A. Mayoral Candidate. L.A. News Director Jose Rios of Fox-11 was spared this round because he told Mr. Mozena he would have a news forum for ALL the L.A. mayoral candidates…however, Director Rios needs to do it so sooner rather than later.

Mr. Mozena now wants to play chicken with the media. He wants the cockfight. He knows obtaining media news coverage isn't chicken feed. As an educated journalist, a former morning radio personality, and an academic publisher, Mr. Mozena knows the L.A. media is not objectively reporting about the mayoral race. In fact, there is a money strategy in all of the L.A. news media gatekeeping of the "other candidates": the less the local L.A. news media reports about the other candidates, the less exposure the candidates obtain and, in turn, create fewer contributions to their respective campaigns.

The local L.A. News Media has become Publicists for the Rich, Powerful and Privileged rather than News Reporters for the People. L.A. Mayoral Candidate Steve Mozena, who has asked the local L.A. news media to report on his e-vision and his mayoral platform for the city of Los Angeles, has received NO TV News coverage. Despite this, the Local L.A. TV News has operated as publicists for the media-selected six mayoral candidates rather than news reporters for the 16 candidates. There are nearly 4 million citizens in Los Angeles and the candidates don't even represent 1 percent of the L.A. city population.

Yet, the LA News Media gives lies and excuses not to interview ALL the other candidates. Quite obviously, this is a case of Subjective rather than Objective Journalism.
Under a provision of the 1934 Communications Act, if a broadcast station provides time for one political candidate, it must do so for his or her opponents. This provision-Section 315 of the law-is known as the Equal Time rule. It states, "If any licensee shall permit any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any political office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station."

Disney's L.A. ABC-7 Eyewitness News provided a profile for a number of Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates on its news program, but it did not profile ALL the qualified 16 mayoral candidates. Additionally, under these circumstances, is the ABC-7 news organization operating in the Public's Interest under the FCC 1927 Rule? The FCC grants TV stations broadcast licenses and can revoke them. This should happen if the local media doesn't interview ALL of the L.A. Mayoral Candidates.
Where is even one L.A. TV news journalist with the integrity to interview Mr. Mozena and the "other" L.A. Mayoral Candidates now?

L.A. TV News Media: Be Objective. Interview ALL the L.A. Mayoral Candidates or, as a last resort, Mr. Mozena will sue the broadcast stations in Los Angeles..

Mozena sends Dirt Bags to L.A. News Directors

Mozena sends fake poop to L.A. News Directors


Click here for Mozena's Accomplishments in the Venice Neigborhood.


Mozena's vision for the community of Hollywood back in 1994. Challenges City of Los Angeles to make Tinseltown Shine! [ more... ]

Dear L.A. Citizen:

Below is a list of the six media-favored candidates and their web sites. However, there are actually 16 candidates.

The media believes you need to hold a prior political office to be mayor of Los Angeles even though nowhere on the application are certain job qualifications required. Nevertheless, I have met all of the necessary requirements to be a qualified candidate for mayor of L.A. For example, I have gathered enough verified L.A. voter signatures at the Costco on the Westside and Valley to be placed on the ballot. Do you really want these politicians below who have given us the $200 million toxic-waste Belmont School? Do you really want these politicians below who gave the LAPD Rampart Scandal? Do you really want politicians below who have caused our city to divide itself? I believe your answer is NO!

Or do you want the Maverick Man Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles who has almost single-handedly cleaned up his community? YES! Steve Mozena will get your trees trimmed, your potholes filled, your public restrooms cleaned, and he'll bring honest government to Los Angeles by posting the city finances to the Internet.

Vote Mayor Steve Mozena for Los Angeles.

Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles is not afraid to post 6 media-favored Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates on his web site. Are these candidates scared to give Mayor Mozena for L.A.'s web site address on their respective web sites?

Jim Hahn: The Hahn Political Dynasty? Does he really deserve the Mayoral job because his daddy was a L.A. politician? African-Americans don't owe Hahn the vote. Do you really want another lawyer running our government? Is South Central really any better because of Jimmy's dad Kenny? African-Americans know the truth.
Joel Wachs: Do we need this egghead running our government? We need someone with a better personality to run our city of entertainment. Do we really need another attorney running our government?
Antonio Villaraigosa: Can we really trust a person who helped Drug Kingpin Carlos Vignali get a pardon? Villaraigosa first contacted the White House in 1996, telling the White House he was "convinced" that Vignali was falsely linked to the drug ring and that a Minnesota jury convicted him through "guilt by association." Will Villaraigosa be a mayor for just the Latinos? Why doesn't Villaraigosa ask for pardons for African Americans? Do you really want to vote for him because he is a Latino or the best person for the job? Say no to bigotry. Do you really want Villaraigosa-one of the candidates responsible for excluding the other 9 qualified mayoral candidates from forums and debates? I smell a rat.
Steve Soboroff: Do we really need another rich guy running our city? He's a liar! On his yard signs and on his broadcast ads, he says he's not a politician. He was the President of the City of L.A. Recreation and Parks' Commission. His failures for my community is one of the reasons I'm in this race. Do you really want a mayor who can buy himself into City Hall?
Xavier Becerra: Here is another person whose trustworthiness is doubtful. Can we really trust anyone who helped Drug Kingpin Carlos Vignali get a pardon? Becerra's letter to Clinton, sent in November of last year, describes Vignali's parents as "dear friends" who believed that their son simply loaned money to a friend and "unwittingly" became connected with the ring. Will Becerra be a mayor for just the Latinos? Why doesn't Becerra ask for pardons for African Americans, or any other nationality for that matter? Do you really want to vote for him because he is a Latino or the best person for the job? Say no to bigotry. And, say no, to another attorney running our goverment with his legal language.
Kathleen Connell: Do we need a number cruncher running a city of four million PEOPLE? Do we really want someone as mayor who is more concerned with money than PEOPLE?

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