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To: Hollywood Studios.

From: Steve Mozena, 310-452-3007

Re: Pitches of scripts and concepts

Everyone is looking to produce a sure-fire concept script. Take just five minutes to review this memo and you may be rewarded with a 100 million dollar movie blockbuster!

Warner Bros. Studios reviewed a super set of these concepts and called a week later. Does the Studio want to produce one of the movies?

  1. "Second Chance" - A daughter, mother and grandmother get a second chance at love and life. The young single lady, a second hand shop owner, finds the love of her life in the swing dance scene. Her mother is estranged, but the widowed grandmother lives vicariously through her granddaughter's newfound love of swing. The grandmother gets a second chance at love since the passing of her husband and a second chance to win the trophy with at a swing dance contest. The mother gets a second chance with daughter.
  2. "E-Bomb" - Computers get the upper hand on humans and wage a technology war. Is it a person or is it a computer? The young person in the Philippines created the Love Bug E-Bomb...could someone make it worse?
  3. "Airshow" - Terrorist take over strategically located U.S. Air Museums, commandeer aircraft and weapons to hold America hostage.
  4. "The Kid in the Candy Store" - An out-of-work disc jockey loses his job and ends up homeless until he finds a job living in a college sorority. Based on a my true-life experience.
  5. "The Ball" - An evil plot to bomb New York's Times Square on New Years Eve. When the ball drops, the bomb drops.
  6. "Clean Sweep" - An enraged pastor launches a cross-country trek to rid America of its ills.
  7. "Superfriends the Movie" - An human adventure of the Superfriend Heros based on the old Superfriends cartoon. Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, maybe, even Flash etc.
  8. "The Secret Code" - A lone journalist's quest to uncover the secret code of corrupt megacorporations in the United States.
  9. "Wannabe" - An aspiring actor who becomes a celebrity serial killer.
  10. "What's Your Sign?" - An astrologist who uses the zodiac to choose his prey.
  11. "The Final War" or "The Final Solution" - A war has escalated to end humanity through biological and chemical warfare but will anyone survive the final war
  12. "Human Milkshake" - A lab assistant wants to create the perfect world with no discrimination.

Aren't these great ideas? Take a chance on success...and make a 100 million dollar movie blockbuster!

For movie-goers nationally and world wide, select what Steve Mozena pitch/script would you like to see as a movie?

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