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PAMELA ANDERSON: I interviewed her for a radio junket near Los Angeles. At the time, I was a young radio stringer for a Houston Radio Station, and I was interviewing Pamela about Baywatch. The location was the Century Plaza in Century City, CA. She was so sweet. This was well before she there ever was a Tommy Lee.

The radio junket was  for television celebrities to promote their new Fall T.V. shows.  I ask celebrities for their photos during the junket - and that included Ms. Anderson. I must admit I hadn't seen her in Playboy or on Baywatch, but what I remember is taking a photo with her. Oh that  photo!! She squeezed me tightly close to her side. Wow!!  I felt like she was telling me  "Hey, Dummy, I think you're charming, ask me out on a date" - why didn't I go for it !!. Too busy getting the story, I suppose. Crazy me...I live to regret it - in my dreams! Nevertheless, if I ever see her again, I can assure you that I won't miss my chance a second time. I'll  say Pamela," I'm still single and I'm interested, if you are!"

Otherwise, I know she and Tommy Lee reconciled, so I wish Pamela,  much happiness for her, her husband and her children. She truly is a vision of loveliness and honestly I can tell she has a warm and loving heart. Finally, Pamela, I never thought you needed the breast implants and applaud your actions you were already a beautiful person beyond the exterior. My intuition can and did tell me. Again, best to you and yours.

JOHN CANDY: We met at the premiere party of "Only The Lonely". He was incredibly gracious, kind, warm and funny. The party was held at a bar in Westwood near U.C.L.A. I remember Mr. Candy having a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. There was a group of us all exchanging jokes and one-liners with Mr. Candy. I remember bumming a cigarette from Mr. Candy. He grabbed the packet from his pocket and shook out a cigarette for me. I don't smoke, but I still took one, just for the Hell of it, and, of course, passive smoking is worse than smoking, isn't it? I didn't want him know I was a bigger fan than he was in size, so I didn't ask for his autograph instead, compromised with a Candy cigarette because it would give me the same satisfaction.

It felt like the victory cigarette Nicholas Cage had fought  for in "FACE-OFF" - except I wasn't beaten to death. By the way, my priest, at St. Monica's Catholic Church Father Michael Rocha was in the movie "FACE-OFF" acting as himself - a priest. It's not what you know, but who you know. He knows director John Woo. Nevertheless,  I remember suggesting to Father that he should  live up to the old Hollywood saying "Once you act or obtain a position of power in Hollywood movies,  you must begin to pave the path for your family and friends to get into the entertainment field also". I said "Come on, Padre, am I not a friend?" He chuckled, patted me on the shoulder, and said "In time, my son." Thanks Dad, but I'm still waiting! 

Back to Mr. Candy. If there was only one Hollywood Celebrity I was able to meet, it would always be Mr.John Candy. Maybe it was his Hollywood Image as a nice guy and average Joe. I think its what endeared him to me and of course many others. My experience with him didn't change my mind. Candy's heart was as large as he was. I loved the movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"! Mr.Candy said in the movie "I like me, my wife likes me, my customers like me..." Mr.Candy I liked you too! I'm sorry he's gone, but I'm thankful for the wonderful memories of him in film.

Steve Martin  had acted in the John Hughes movie, but I have yet to have the good fortune of meeting him. I hope someday to meet Mr.Martin and yes of course,  I'd love to act in a movie with him!

ED ASNER: Of all the places to meet Ed Asner, I met him at a strip club in Portland, Oregon back in 1990. I was travelling north on McLauglin Blvd., now MLK Blvd., and spotted the Acropolis club. It was well known not only for its ladies, but also for its ribs. I was feeling a bit famished and frisky, so I decided to stop in for ribs, both kinds. So, I sat off stage right and ordered my ribs. While waiting and enjoying the view, I start speaking with the girls on stage. One of the girls said "Steve, look over there. It's Ed Asner." When I had finished eating my dinner, I walked over to center stage, got out my dollar, and prepared to slip it in the g-string, but Ed stopped me. Well, OK, he wasn't wearing a g-string, but he was admiring or lusting after the gorgeous gals and one ugly one. He motioned for me to sit down or maybe just to stop blocking his view. I sat down, regardless of what he'd intended, and told him how much I enjoyed his work on the Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant shows. I said I was about to embark on my own journey to Los Angeles in an all-out effort to become an entertainer. He urged me to never be discouraged. He told me he didn't make it as an actor until he was 40 years old. He gave me his business card and told me to let him know when I arrived in La La Land. I did. Ed even wrote back a couple of times, and I've met him several times since. One of those times, I ran into him at a premiere party in Hollywood for a Bette Midler show. I was with one of my brothers, who was visiting from Portland. I'm the youngest of 8 children, and sometimes it's hard for an older brother to believe his baby can do anything bigger or better than he. In this case, his youngest brother has met so many celebrities. So it was perfect when Ed Asner spotted me from across theroom and waved. Portland Oregon is no hick or hayseed town, but I could tell my brother was amazed. I introduced my brother to Ed and we exchanged some small talk. Ed repeated his encouragement to continue after my acting/singing dreams. I'm still trying! I'm almost 40 and no one has given me a chance to strut my stuff. Can you set me up, Ed?

NICOLE KIDMAN: I met Nicole at the premiere party of "Mission Impossible". What a beautiful lady. I had recently seen the movie in which she played an icy protagonist who was eventually iced-cubed to death. I told her how much I hated her character in that movie, and how. I hoped she would act as a heroine in her next movie. She said she had some in the pipeline. Her movie "Eyes Wide Shut" opened recently. I just remember how sweet she treated me at the party. We chatted for a while, but, of course, a handsome guy like me could lead a jealous husband to throw up some interference. Just as I was saying "Waiter, could you get us a couple of drinks? I'll have rum and coke, and for you, my vision of loveliness, Nicole?" Tom Cruise showed up. Shortly thereafter, Tom's bodyguard forcibly removed me. I have to come clean again. If the truth be known, I wasn't removed. We all just laughed, exchanged some more small talk, now with Tom, and then I politely excused myself to continue schmoozing. You should know that my friends call me "SchMozena" for all the celebrities and Hollywood powerhouses I've met. By the way, did you see me in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"? I played the mirror. Anyway, Nicole and Tom, I'm out here and available to act with you in an upcoming film. Remember, we're least in age. If you are wondering how I got into that party, that's another great story in and of itself.

CHRISTINE APPLEGATE: I met Ms.Applegate at a charity race in front of the Virgin building on Sunset Blvd., Hollywood. We spoke for about 20minutes. I was surprised to see her without her makeup. She plays of course the buxom blond bimbo on "Married With Children", but without makeup, she looked like a sweet, homespun girl. Our conversation covered many topics, but eventually we came around to the subject of breaking into the entertainment field as an actor. I mentioned to her how hard I'd tried. With encouraging words, she attributed the chance to act in Hollywood to 99.9 percent luck and one-tenth talent. She said she couldn't have predicted the Fox show, "Married With Children", would be such a phenomenal success. She truly hoped someone would give me a chance, or better still, more than one. She made me feel good. Thank you. Kudos to you, Christine, and continued success. I hope someday our paths cross, and we can work together as actors in a film.

AARON SPELLING: I had seen Mr. Spelling at a couple of Hollywood parties, but I never conversed with him until he launched a tour around the country to promote his autobiography. I bought his book, and waited in a lengthy line to have him autograph it. Wow! He has produced and continues to produce many of the television shows I watched during my childhood, young adulthood, and adulthood. I knew he had the power to give me my big break. I remember tossing out a one-liner that sent him and his group reeling with laughter. I mentioned my sorority script to him. He said he would love to have it read and told me who to send it to. I did. He autographed my copy of his book, saying "Steve, you would be perfect for Melrose Place." I was so happy. Maybe now I'd get the opportunity to display my talent and work with Heather! I spoke to Mr. Spelling's secretary, who told me I could send my headshot and resume to casting, but added that Mr. Spelling writes comments like that for everybody. "He's just a nice old man," she said. Ouch. I'd struck out. My script was subsequently passed on.

90210 CAST: I have met several of the cast members for "90210". Mr. Spelling's daughter, Tori, has always been very nice to me. Ian, who plays Steve, told me that he had seen my bus bench advertisements and wished me luck. And Brian Greene. What a nice guy. I interviewed him for the Fall T.V. radio junket and had my picture taken with him. I subsequently sent a nice note to him and included our photo. He went so far as to have his assistant call me and personally thank me for taking the time to send the photo. She said he appreciated the kind words. Brian, thank you for making me feel good. I hope someday I get the opportunity act with you in T.V. or film....You have style!

ALLY SHEEDY: I met Ms. Sheedy at Cowboy Sushi in Westwood near U.C.L.A. At the time, I lived nearby and would occasionally drop in and dine alone, knowing full well that I was outgoing enough to enjoy the other patrons' company. At the time, I remembered having seen Ms. Sheedy in several films, though I had enjoyed her performance in "Short Circuit" the most. Instantly, there was a connection. I was seated right next to Ms. Sheedy and her girlfriend. We chatted like old friends. I was wearing my signature cap, my name emblazoned on the front, and she thought it was cute. She asked me to make her one and gave me the address and phone number of a girlfriend to send her personalized cap. I did. I haven't seen her since, but I'm sure she loves her cap. She was definitely a sweetheart, and I would like to act in film with her some day.

SYLVESTER STALLONE: I met Mr. Stallone at one of Elton John's Oscar Parties. The place I believe is called the Maple Leaf. We were in a small room together with a couple of couches. Elton was off to the side discussing the party with his staff.  Here I was in a room with Mr. Stallone, his wife Jennifer and   his bodyguard. As Jennifer went off to call her mother, I believe in France, I had a chance to speak to Mr. Stallone alone for about 20 minutes. I spoke to him about a variety of subjects.

I mentioned that I  knew his first agent Craig Rumar. Mr. Rumar was the one who initially pushed me to write and complete my true-life story as an out-of-work disk jockey who ends up living in a college sorority with 70 women. Mr. Stallone said what made his initial Rocky script different was that it encompassed two key issues: "Love and Redemption". Upon reflection, my impression of Mr. Stallone was extremely favorable. He is a very intelligent man. As we continued to speak, he said to me "You're an ambitious young man." Since our first meeting, I have always appreciated those words as I continue my quest to entertain the public. I truly hope someday that I get the opportunity to act in a movie with him.

STEVEN SEAGAL: I met Mr. Seagal outside of Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. just before a movie premiere. In a related meeting, I had met Bruce Malmuth who had directed him in the fantastic flick "Hard To Kill".We met at Kinko's - of all places in Los Angeles. He asked me why I liked Mr. Seagal. First, I thought maybe it was all that time  I spent when I was  younger  watching   those David Carradine Kung Fu T.V. shows .

I thought for a moment more, it really is the gentle but strong spirit  projected through his tough Hollywood image. At the premiere, I would discover that Mr. Seagal  had obviously been  influenced from his time spent in Japan and his study of Aikido. He actually lived up to the image created through his films by Hollywood and I have been lucky to have spoken with him several times since.

Nevertheless, outside this premiere, I struck up a conversation with him. I remember how intently he focused on what I had to say. The 6 foot 4 inch gentle spirited man listened as I explained a story idea for an action film. I called the story "Cleaning Up, America" and the sequel "Cleaning Up, the World". The hero in my story saves America from crimes against the environment by white-collared criminals.

If you're a Seagal film fan, you will notice in his subsequent films after "Hard To Kill", he has had a couple of action movies with environmental themes. Just maybe in a small way, I helped him make his film choices. In a related story to Mr. Seagal, I attended a Academy Awards pictorial retrospective at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts on Wilshire Avenue in Los Angeles. It was a behind-the-scenes photos from last year's Oscar's.

In a couple of the photos at the exhibit, Mr. Seagal was prominently displayed but the placard associated with them had his last name spelled incorrectly. The exhibit had already run for days without anyone catching the error. Immediately, I took the sign down and brought it to the host security guard and suggested he get Mr. Seagal's name corrected because it wasn't wise to get the Aikido-Expert Mr. Seagal angry. Who knows what he would do! We laughed. Anyway, there's a saying "be careful what you ask for, you may just get it" Well, I'm asking to act in a movie with Mr.Seagal. By the way, Mr.Seagal and I do have one thing in common with you ....our first names.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I have met Mr.Schwarzenegger at least twenty times at movie premiere parties and I've enjoyed our chats. I've also seen him at my local Catholic Church in Santa Monica. I remember the first time I spotted him. I was standing at the back of the church during mass, my having arrived as usual, just a little late...

He walked in alone and stood next to me. I remember thinking  to myself, "Wow, I'm taller than Arnold!!." I'm about six foot one and he's about five foot eleven.....although he's just a little more muscular than me... just a little.....

I remember again standing at the back of the church once as he walked in a late, again. I remember I had queried the priest about this because he knows Mr.Schwarzenegger personally. The Pastor explained Mr. Schwarzenegger's tardiness. Apparently he arrives late for two reasons, - so he can worship without drawing too much attention to himself, and also, as a devoted father, Mr. Schwarzenegger was dropping his children off at the church daycare.

The mass was in still in progress. When it came to collection time and  the basket was passed around the congregation, Mr. Schwarzenegger tossed in twenty dollars. When   it came passed  me,  I tossed in forty. Wait a minute, I wasn't playing poker with one of the world's biggest stars, or was I?.... Back to the church's Sunday!

BARRY LEVINSON: He made a movie about me named "Jimmy Hollywood". The film is about an aspiring actor who advertises himself on one bus bench to try to obtain work as a legitimate actor. Either great minds think alike or it's just a mere coincidence he made the movie when just outside his production office, right next to the main entrance of Paramount Studios, were two of my bus benches advertising me as an aspiring actor. The character had little resemblance to me, other than the fact that he advertised on a bus bench. I advertised on as many as 24 benches. Twice, I surrounded the building during the Academy Awards with my advertisements. The character, Jimmy, had absolutely no experience in acting or entertaining. I do. I was present at the premiere party and chatted briefly with Mr. Levinson. Whether or not Mr. Levinson was influenced by my advertisements, I did not ask. Nor did I ask the courts to decide that issue for the benefit of money or credit. In Hollywood, if you sue someone, even for a legitimate reason, you get blackballed. It's a tight knit community. People in tinsel town don't want trouble to upset the establishment. It's not unlike what happened during the McCarthy era when the political system blacklisted many Hollywood celebrities as communists or traitors. The witch hunt ruined many a promising career. So, instead of asking for trouble, I asked Mr. Levinson to give me an opportunity to perform in one of his future productions. I'm not waiting by the telephone, but honor and integrity dictate he will give me a chance, even if it's only to deliver one word.

THE HAT: Entertainment Tonight had a segment on my pursuit to be a working actor. They used a picture of me and my personalized cap for the story's cover picture. I knew the personalized cap was a great idea. After the airing of the E.T. story, so did many other entrepreneurs. Today, at Universal City Walk at Universal Studios, there are even a couple of carts which makes personalized caps, selling approximately a hundred a day at $20 each for each display.


GEORGE CLOONEY: I've met Mr. Clooney a couple of dozen times. Just like his character on "E.R.", Mr. Clooney is affable and charming. We always exchange some small talk. At one Emmy's Governor's Ball, we had a photo taken together. Oh, by the way, Steven Spielberg was sitting right next Mr. Clooney at that Ball, but that's another celebrity story. Anyway, George was very nice and lots of laughs. I said to myself it would be fun to work with him, so I sent my headshot and resume to E.R.'s casting several times. No response, with or without my talent agent. I have met numerous people who work with the show. Why haven't I been give a chance? I've been in the medical industry. I've taken acting classes. How does anyone know if you are good if you never get a chance to prove what you can do? I hope someday I'll get the opportunity to act on ER and, since George left ER, I like to additionally act with Mr. Clooney in film. Continued success Mr. Clooney.

E.R.: I tried numerous times to be cast for the "E.R." show. I thought that I'd be perfect as a regular cast member on the show. My father owned a hospital and physician supply company, and I worked for my father's company many years. My dad died during my college years, so my family sold the company, but, after I graduated from college, I was hired by a hospital supply company as a salesman. Even today, I still know hundreds of medical products and their respective manufacturers. I used this medical knowledge to later develop my persona as "Dr." Steve, a morning radio personality in Phoenix, Arizona. To add zest to the character, I dressed in a lab coat and scrubs for my publicappearances. My doctor's bag donned my name as well as the radio station's logo. Many people believed my Schick. Still, deep down, I knew that what I really wanted was to act and especially sing, so I eventually returned to Los Angeles.

JOHN TRAVOLTA: I had met Mr. Travolta at the premiere party for the Apollo 13. What a extremely nice fellow! He introduced me to his wife then talked about his religion Scientology. I had mentioned to him that I had once taken an I.Q. test and scored 164  - supposedly genius level and  although suspect, I left the Hollywood Scientology headquarters with a smile on my face. I said I didn't believe the outcome of the test. Mr.Travolta assured me of its accuracy.

WESLEY SNIPES: What an incredibly nice guy. He always remembers my name and will literally wave to me across a crowded room. I'd had only met him once, but I could tell he had a great memory for names. Since then, I must have seen him another dozen times, and he always remembers my name.

It's nice when a person and especially a big celebrity, makes you feel important by remembering your name. During one of our conversations, I mentioned I'd like to see him in more action films. I loved "Passenger 57". "Always Bet on Black".

He said he would work on it. Since then, he has acted in a number of action films, including the new film "Blade." Did he actually listen to me or is it just a coincidence?

JAMES CARREY: He's as funny as he is in the movies. I've met Mr. Carrey on several occasions. He's extremely courteous. At the "Liar, Liar" premiere party, we spoke for about 10 minutes. I mentioned I'd like to act with him in a buddy movie like Jeff Daniels had done in "Dumb and Dumber".

From humble beginnings, Mr.Carrey makes now about 20 million dollars a movie. Can you even imagine that! I told him that maybe someday we would work together and be the 'million-dollar men'. As our conversation progressed, I just  had to mentioned that I was a former Phoenix morning radio personality who ended up living in a college sorority with 70 women for an entire year. In a flash he quipped back, "Sounds like you already had your payday!" We laughed.

THE BUS BENCHES: What inspired me to advertise at the risk of my reputation? A man I respect once said "Early to bed, early to rise, work hard and advertise!" His name is Ted Turner, and I took his message to heart. In addition, two of my brothers, one lawyer the other a doctor, became extremely successful by being on the cutting edge of advertising in their respective fields. I thought I would do the same for acting. I devised a marketing survey, gathered the information and produced the final copy and picture for the bus benches. It's too bad it didn't work.

Some say my reputation was actually tarnished by the movie "Jimmy Hollywood". I certainly have had no acting work generated since the movie was released. Added to that, the advertisement only generated calls to be cast in pornos, gay pornos, and as a pedophile on the X-Files. I dared to be different. I'm not afraid to be ridiculed. I'm sure someone with the power to cast me in Hollywood film or TV has guts to give me an opportunity.

Mr. Turner, here I am, advertising again. I look forward to meeting you someday.

By the way, if you would like to read related newspaper articles aobut the bus benches, check the Archives of L.A. Times. Search for my name Steve Mozena.

GEENA DAVIS: What  a cutie! Unfortunately, she was with her then-husband Renny Harlan. Wow, what a tall woman - especially in heels! I'm six foot plus and I'd say she was bit taller than me in the pumps. She was extremely nice. But I felt uncomfortable speaking to her with husband standing by. I kept our conversation short.

Up close and personal, she has a beautiful smile, face and figure. If I made a wish, not only would I like a 'Long Kiss Goodnight', but of course, I'd like to star opposite Ms.Davis in her next film. God, she's beautiful!

TOM HANKS: It's true he really is a very nice guy. I've met Mr.Hanks at a number of different events. I even helped to photograph him with other celebrities, friends and fans. We chatted at an event held at the Beverly Hill's Hilton Ballroom. I was donning my tuxedo and also had my personalized baseball cap.

We exchange some small talk while I worked the cameras. Then, we joked about my cap and I mentioned that'd sent one to Ms. Marshall. He said he'd love one too! So, I sent him one with his name on it...for free. I haven't seen Mr. Hanks since, but I'd like to know if his personalized cap is the right size and color? Just kidding!  I must admit that every time I have seen him since, there is always a crowd around him and yet he's always very charming, humorous and entertaining. I'd love to act in a movie with him of course...... who wouldn't?

DAVID HASSELHOFF: I met Mr. Hasselhoff a couple of times. He's tall - about six foot four. The second time I met him was at the "True Lies" premiere. When I  introduced myself to him he was extremely nice.As we chatted. I brought up the fact that, I was the aspiring actor who advertised himself on bus benches to try to obtain work. Two of my brothers, one a lawyer, the other a doctor, had become wealthy  because they were one of the first to advertise in their respective professions: law and medicine. I thought I'd give it a try with the entertainment field.

I called a 150 Casting Directors and ask what was the single most important reason they hired talent? The top three reasons were first the LOOK.... I guess make-up artists aren't really needed in Hollywood.... the TALENT and finally the acting ABILITY. Subsequently, I created an advertisement for bus benches and placed them strategically outside all the major Hollywood Studios, using the information I had obtained. Along with the marketing/advertising copy, I added a full-body photo of myself on every bench.  In fact, for two years, I placed 12 of them around the building the day and night before the Academy Awards.

Nevertheless, I told Mr. Hasselhoff that I had basically received the following calls from my 'bus bench' advertisements - people who wanted me to act in pornos.... gay porno's at that! Then Howard Gordon called from the X-Files and asked me to read for the role of a Pedophile. Ugh!

I once was told the difference between a star and superstar. The fellow gave the example of the actors GEORGE KENNEDY and GENE HACKMAN. He said George said yes to all acting roles, but Gene had learned to say no and to discriminate for roles. What happened to each? Mr. Kennedy is now paid six figures and Mr. Hackman is paid seven figures. As I progressed with my story, Mr. Hasselhoff  laughed and said he had a couple of acting roles with his show "Baywatch".  After he finished chuckling,  he promised I wouldn't have to act as a pedophile in his show. Then, he reached into his pocket, gave me his business card, and asked me to send a headshot and resume to his office. I did. In fact, I saw him again literally filming right out in front of my beachfront apartment. He asked me again to send my headshot and resume. I did.

Well finally Mr. Hasselhoff ...I'm ready for 'that role' in your show...I could even just start out with one word like "Help!" and perhaps you could have one of your bathing beauties in a red swim suit, rescue me...I'd definitely would be the envy of  my men friends and men worldwide, just like when I lived in the sorority with 70 women!

CHRIS COLUMBUS: I met the Director of Mr.Candy's movie "Only The Lonely" at the premiere party. Although I made a faux pas. I didn't know  him or the name, Chris Columbus. Initially thought he was joking when he told me his name. I said I sail that ship with you, I'm Santa Maria. Well,  a male assistant made me feel like shoe sole dirt for not knowing who Mr. Columbus was. Nevertheless, Mr. Columbus was extremely gracious and spoke to me for about fifteen minutes.

But, hey Hollywood, give me a break! This was after all, the first premiere party I had attended and I wasn't plugged into the Hollywood scene like I am now. Our paths have not crossed for years, but I know if I ever get the opportunity to be an actor in one of Mr.Columbus' future films, I would jump enthusiastically at the offer. He had made me feel good even though at our first meeting, I had literally...'stubbed my social toe!'...

STEVE GUTTENBERG: Famous for starring in  "Cocoon,  Police Academy,  Short Circuit, Three Men and A Baby" and so on. I spotted him at a restaurant in Los Angeles. He kept glancing periodically at me. I didn't know why he was looking, although it was ironic because I'm still one of the masses and he's a celebrity.

I wondered what was up, so I approached him and his lady who were dining together. I said "..Steve can I help you?.. You keep looking my way? Do I have poor manners?..Have I dribbled my food?"...  "No" he said..." I like your cap Steve."  Instantly, I knew he had noticed my personalized baseball cap.What a buzz!! Mr. Guttenberg thought it was great. My 'cap' was starting to become a celebrity in it's own right!!

He asked if I would send him and his lady a cap each with their respective names printed on them. I did...for free. We continued our conversation and spoke about my script "The Candy Store" based on my true-life story as an out-of-work disc jockey who ended up living in a college sorority with 70 women for a year. He thought it was a great idea. Later, maybe he'd like the opportunity to produce and star in it with me. Mr.Guttenberg, the offer's still open.  In fact, I have arrange with a top Hollywood movie financing bank for Negative-Pick-Up-Financing for the film. Interested? Can we work together?

CHRIS FARLEY: I met Mr. Farley at a party, donning black DrewCarey type rimmed glasses. Actually, I had never seen him in glasses, so I was a bit surprised. I was attending a lively premiere party. That night, Mr. Farley was 1, 000, 000 volts of energy. In fact, he was wound up like a top,who's string had just been released. He was 'bouncing off the walls' everywhere at the party. We chatted briefly as he spun around the room. Among other things, we talked about all the beautiful women in Los Angeles -  although I know L.A. isn't the only city in the USA to corner that market!

I was surprised to learn, one of the priests at my church befriended Mr. Farley. In fact, he said Mr. Farley would call and ask the Father to dinner every now and again. Mr. Farley had even called the priest while he was enrolled in a Diet Center. Of course, the priest declined Mr. Farley's generous offer. However, in the same way, I believe I do understand Mr. Farley when he wanted to gather friends together for a good dinner and conversation. I like that too! I love cooking and sharing it with friends. Moreover,  I'm fortunate because I live right next to Venice Beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. Mr.Farley if you were alive, I surely would have extended an invitation for you and your friends to dinner. God be with you.

PENNY MARSHALL: I've met her a couple of times. What I remember most of all about Ms.Marshall is that she liked my baseball cap. It has my name on the front it. I call it my cap with zap! She ask me if I could get her one with her name on it. I did...of course for free. I've seen her since and she said she enjoyed wearing it. I like to sit there and imagine that when she directed "A League of Their Own" with Tom Hanks and Geena Davis, she was wearing that cap.

Oh hey Ms.Marshall, when you're directing your next movie, I'll certainly make myself available for a speaking role!


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