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CC: Mr. Terry McAuliffe, 213683-0452 Democratic National Committee Headquarters and Vice-President Al Gore Campaign's Headquarters

From: Steve Mozena, Tel.: 310-452-3007, Cell Tel.: 310-990-8398, Pager: 310-587-5714

Date: 03/07/00

Re: A Homeless Man's Song

Will one of the five major Record Labels cut a homeless man's song as a single and have it available nationally, maybe internationally?

Will a homeless man get to sing his song at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, CA?

The media and the Democrats have a chance to show their support for the homeless and make a difference in the life of one homeless man.

For the past four years, I have lived in Venice Beach, a community in Los Angeles, and befriended many homeless in the area. I have given them work cleaning up the boardwalk and occasionally invited them to baseball games and other functions. Eduardo, "Guitar Eddie", born in Mexico City and raised in Indiana, is among my homeless acquaintances. Eddie is charismatic, with dimples that show when he smiles. When he told me that he had burned an original song on CD, I could hardly believe my ears. I was impressed and even more impressed when I heard the song.

Now, each of the five major record labels (BMG, Warner Bros. Records, EMI, Sony/Columbia and Universal Record Group) has a requested copy of the song. Named "Out in Venice", the song is a beautiful illustration of the spirit of Venice Beach, and the goodness of humanity.

Contrast that with reality. Now that the Democratic Convention is coming to Los Angeles, the city is sprucing up Los Angeles, including Venice Beach. Undoubtedly, the city will round up the homeless and jail them during the convention to remove any splotches from the Los Angeles image. It has been done before.

Instead of sweeping the homeless under the rug, let's take this chance to help make a permanent difference for at least one homeless man.

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