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October 22, 1998

Mr. Arthur Goldberg Hilton Corp. 3930 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89109

Mr. Goldberg:

Do you think of the Beach and Hollywood when you think of Los Angeles?

Yes. I thought so.

Right now, both places are like the city dump and tourists still come...but more would if it were clean and developed.

Now, I have taken up the revitalization baton for the Los Angelesí beach, as a high profile resident, I am taking the initiative to spearhead the re-development of the City of Los Angelesí largest tourist attraction: Venice Beach Boardwalk. Look out Hollywood in the near future.

My first project was to get the palm trees trimmed and skinned along the boardwalk to help beautify the area. I took up the challenge, created the Palm Tree Petition, had residents and merchants sign it, then I presented it before the L.A. City Council. 90 days later the Council had allocated $25,000 for the initial phase of the trimming. As you read this, the City is having almost 100 of Venice Beachís Palm Trees trimmed.

Additionally, the city placed me on the newly formed Venice Beach Task Force to suggest problem areas with maintenance to improve the beauty along the beach and boardwalk.

Finally, in order to increase commerce in the area, I have suggested the city give the California Native Americans the Venice Pavilion and Park area, which is adjacent to the boardwalk, for an Indian Casino. In turn, the Native Americans could set up a clean up fund for Los Angeles and the California coastline. A win-win situation.

Right now, rough estimates are a quarter million plus tourists over a summer weekend.

In fact, Los Angeles City chimes in with stating Venice Beach Boardwalk is the number one tourist attraction for the city and Los Angeles County.

At this point in time, this area is undervalued and underdeveloped for Los Angeles as well as for the amount of tourists who come here; therefore, Iím reaching out to you to work with you to bring your business establishment here to Venice Beach and help with the re-development of this beautiful Los Angeles beachfront property.

The city has already earmarked monies to re-construct and re-pave the boardwalk this winter of 1999.

For you and your company, I would work with any local governmental regulations and zoning laws to help make this a simple and profitable venture for your company. By the way, right now, I know of some beachfront property available for sale along the boardwalk.

Send me a letter or give me a call and let me know if you are interested in my community development project.


Steve Mozena

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