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From: Steve Mozena Date: 03/07/00

Re: Unequal Law Enforcement By Los Angeles Police (L.A.P.D.) in Venice Beach

Is there equal justice under the law for the homeless? Is the L.A. Mayor responsible for this?

Recently, a homeless man named Patrick got a ticket for camping, sleeping on the beach. This is certainly not the first camping ticket issued to the homeless on Venice Beach, but, much like the others, it was issued in a somewhat random fashion. [See copy of Patrick's ticket attached to this fax.]

In contrast, a homeless woman has been living near the Venice Beach Police sub-station in the Venice Pavilion for the last several years. However, she receives no ticket for camping on the beach despite numerous complaints from city workers and other concerned citizens.

Why is the law applied differently to these two people when both are camping on the beach, when both are involved in the exact same behavior?

What is the reason for such inconsistency in this law?

If particular laws are going to be enforced in Venice Beach, shouldn't they be enforced in a consistent manner?

The law is the law… even for the homeless! Isn't it?


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