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PICTURE I am spearheading the re-development of Venice Beach, California boardwalk. There are no major hotel chains with Resort Hotels or even standard hotels located next to the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Right now, rough estimates boast a quarter million plus visitors over a summer weekend.

In fact, Los Angeles City chimes in with stating Venice Beach boardwalk is the number one tourist attraction in Los Angeles County.

At this point in time, this area is undervalued and underdeveloped for Los Angeles as well as for the amount of tourists who come here; therefore, I'm reaching out to you to work with you to bring your hotel here to Venice Beach and help with the re-development of this beautiful Los Angeles beachfront property.

The city has already earmarked monies to re-construct and re-pave the boardwalk.

I have attached a color copy with 14 color photos showing the number of tourists walking along the boardwalk, the under-developed park, as well as the many street vendors.

In fact, right now, I am working on establishing a system to regulate the street vendors similar to Portland, Oregon's Saturday market.

Additionally, I have included one of the several L. A. Times articles written about me as I have provided a positive civic duty to help clean the beachfront area. Moreover, the councilwoman's office for the area has asked me to join a Venice Task Group to help beautify the area.

For you and your company, I would work with any local governmental regulations and zoning laws to help make this a simple and profitable venture for your company.

Send me a letter or give me a call and let me know if you are interested in my community development project.


Steve Mozena

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