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To: Mark Macarro, Chair of Pechanga, Fax. No.: 909-695-1778

CC: California, Nevada and Arizona Native American Tribal Leaders

From: Steve Mozena, Toll Free Tel. No.: 1-800-444-8398 or Cell Tel. No.:310-990-8398 Date: 01/07/00

Re: The Foreclosure Sale of the Maxim, Las Vegas

Recently, I received a Notice of Trustee's Sale of the Maxim, a former casino in Las Vegas.

The sale is re-scheduled for Monday May 1, 2000 at 2:00 pm on the second floor of the Nevada Title Company at 3320 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 200 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although Proposition 5 and 1A recently pitted Native Americans against the Las Vegas Casinos, I believe the Las Vegas casinos could be mutual beneficiaries rather than archrivals. The benefits could begin with the purchase of the Maxim, formerly a hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

I believe this is an ideal site for establishing a casino and hotel catering to the millions of tourists that frequent Las Vegas all year round. A Native American museum and buffet could teach the Vegas community and tourists from all over about the Native Americans, their culture, customs, and foods.

Attached is a letter from the attorney verifying the Trustee's original sale time, date and location. The sale is subject to change, so you may call Foreclosure Officer Karen Keefer of the Nevada Title Company for any possible change at 1-702-251-5230.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 310-452-3007.


Steve Mozena
2001 Mayoral Candidate for Los Angeles

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