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To: Venice Merchants and Street Vendors

CC: Los Angeles City Council and Pacific Patrol

From: Steve Mozena 310-452-3007

Date: 03/07/00

Re: Regulation of Street Vendors for 1999

It is my understanding the Los Angeles City Council is currently reviewing options to regulate the Venice Boardwalk Street Vendors, seeking fairness for both the Venice Merchants and Street Vendors. The Council is due to vote any day.

I have attached a template for this regulation. It is a copy of a brochure and application from Portland's Saturday Market, although there will be obvious changes to adjust to the needs of the boardwalk market, Venice Merchants, Street Vendors and Residents.

At his request, I have personally provided Mike Bonin of Ruth Galanter's office a copy of the Portland brochure and application. By the way, I have participated as a vendor at the Saturday Market.

Saturday Market started back in 1974 in Old Town Portland right along the city's beautiful river, the Willamette. The market shares many of the same challenges and charms of Venice. One similar challenge, Saturday Market, like Venice, has faced since its inception is a large homeless population, nevertheless, both the market and homeless have developed a mutual respect as each co-exist with each other.

However, the biggest challenge we have as a community is the friction caused by both the Venice Merchants and the Street Vendors. Right now, a pervasive attitude seems to exist: Them against Us or Us against Them. Hey, it's not an adversarial relationship. We are not cross-street rivals. Each Merchant and Vendor is trying to make a living. It can be mutually worked out. Another challenge are the fights over spaces. Let's work it out, everyone owns the sidewalk. Solution: Have assigned spaces, then there's no need to arrive at 4:30 in the morning!

Life is compromising, let's work it out, moreover, strive for what is right and fair. Isn't that what we all want?

The present day sentiment of inequity arises because the current system has obvious marks of unfairness.

When the council as well as yourself consider the many proposals to date, I ask you to take any selfishness, greed, emotion or personal grandstanding out of the picture, and strive for what is fair system for everyone, most importantly, those tourists who visit our beautiful city as they walk along one of the most interesting oceanfront boardwalks in the world. They are our customers, and we need to offer them favorable impressions, services and products, so, we can look to the future for repeat business for all of us.

Any comments should be directed at Ruth Galanter's Office Tuesday morning at 213-485-3357 before 10 am.

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