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CC: Los Angeles Mayor and Los Angeles City Council

From: Steve Mozena, 310-452-3007

Date: 03/07/00

Re: V.I.P. (Very Important Paper) Needed in Venice Beach!

Have you ever been to a public restroom only to find out there was no toilet paper? How does it make you feel like? Disgusted? Embarrassed?

If so, I have a suggestion to those of you planning to visit Venice Beach next weekend: Go to the bathroom before you come!

As a former member of the Venice Beach Task Force, I convinced the city to clean the restrooms three times a day rather than two, but apparently, this is still not enough.

They still stink. They still run out of toilet paper

I have had a few suggestions to alleviate the problem, but the city refuses to respond.

I suggested that the city install industrial size tissue dispensers, holding 5,000 to 10,000 sheets of toilet paper. They promised to do so by Memorial Day Weekend, yet failed to uphold the promise. The consequences for thousands of visitors last weekend were unpleasant.

I suggested to a representative from Councilwoman Galanter's office for at least 12 additional portable toilets for the summer spike of tourists, but there was no response. Again, the tourists paid this weekend.

I am considering a silent protest, providing free toilet paper to tourists near the Brooks Avenue Venice Beach Bathroom next weekend. The tourists will be more comfortable, but they will also see how the city has failed to meet its promises.

Dal dire al fare, c' di mezzo il mare!" (Italian proverb meaning there is half an ocean between what gets said and what gets done. Is this the new proverb for the city of L.A.?)

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