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Reasons why to vote Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles

Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles wants HONEST government for the citizens of L.A.! Yes, it can be done! Mr. Mozena wants to serve the citizens of Los Angeles! It's all about "People First"!

Citizens will have with e-Mayor Mozena the ability to accomplish their goals for themselves as well as the city of Los Angeles. As Mayor, he will have an interactive web site and town meetings to listen to the needs, wants and dreams of the citizens of Los Angeles, and he will help fulfill them.

See Steve Mozena's e-vision and vision for Los Angeles, along with his challenges, creative ideas and solutions to the city.

LAPD & Safety

Below are suggestions to reform the L.A.P.D.:

a. Increase pay. Studies indicate that bad behaviors are reduced when people are paid a decent wage. Police officers do a difficult job that deserves to be well paid, and paying well for the job will also attract good people.
b. Create a "Performance Pension", in addition to the standard police pension. The men and women in blue will contribute a portion of their pay into the Performance Fund. Like any stock that rises and fall with the economy, the officer's Performance Pension will rise or fall in direct relation to his or her behavior. The fund level will be adjusted through merits and demerits, assigned according to objective criteria. The Performance pension would work like a sales commission, rewarding officers' for positive behavior. I believe it would create a new "Blue Code of Honor", rather than the current "Blue Code of Silence".
c. Change the color of L.A.P.D. uniforms. Many psychological studies suggest color is linked to the way people perceive each other. Therefore, I suggest that the uniforms should be light gray or blue rather than the current dark, cold blue. It is a subtle change that nevertheless could go a long way to making the L.A.P.D. more friendly and approachable.
d. Rotate ALL L.A.P.D. Officers in ALL areas of the city of Los Angeles more frequently. Rotations can prevent localized pockets of corruption and any other unequal or unfair distribution of law enforcement resources.
e. Encourage Higher Education by increasing Educational Benefits to obtain college and post degrees and creating monetary incentives for completion of college and post education for ALL officers. Not only does this create well rounded, knowledgeable police officers, but is also likely to increase tolerance and understanding of people from ALL races, ethnic and religious groups.
f. Establish a "Citizens' Internal Affairs" committee for the L.A.P.D., so the department is no longer a "self policing" entity trying to protect its own.

LAUSD & Education

The idea of breaking the Los Angeles Unified School District into smaller, more manageable districts has been proposed as a way to make schools more accountable and students more successful. Do you support breaking up the school district?

Yes, but my understanding is that this decision is in the hands of the Superintendent and LAUSB school board. I will need to review the City Charter and Bylaws. Nevertheless, if the people of Los Angeles want smaller school districts, then it should be provided to them. And, if we are to break up the school district, it follows suit that we should divide the city of Los Angeles into smaller, more manageable cities? Smaller may be better.

In any event, we should have more accountability in ALL facets of our government, including the Superintendent and School board, so that fiascoes like the 200 million plus Belmont School never happen again.

Now, for my e-vision for Los Angeles education it will include online education playing a more important role for children K-12, with students going to class with others from all over the world, creating a diverse education. In addition, students would not be judged on how they look, but on their work.

E-Mayor Mozena

One of the first items on my administration's agenda will be to create an "Open Book" on the city's finances. I, dubbed by some as the "e-mayor" for having established a cutting edge electronic textbook company (see, want to open up the books through the city web site. There would be a web page for all city departments, from the Police Department to the Recreation and Park Department, where budgets would be readily viewed. City bids and awards would be open to scrutiny so that vendor favoritism would be squashed. With nearly 4 million pairs of eyes watching the city finances, waste and corruption would have to stop.

Business & Economy

With the recent slowdown of the national economy, how can Los Angeles attract business to the city?

First, we should not give new business coming to Los Angeles a competitive advantage over current businesses already located here. Years ago, our Federal Government helped Chrysler, yet it has not helped the small mom and pop grocery store on the verge of bankruptcy. This favoritism is unfair and unbalanced. The playing field should be level for ALL citizens, not just the major corporations. If we help one, we should help the other.

Second, we need to take care of our local economy first. Though we still are in a strong economy, we need to make sure our local businesses can survive the slowdown. Tourism is one of our city's largest sources of income. Our movie industry has created a fantasy destination, a virtual "Shangri L.A." We should do our best to meet or beat the expectation of tourists and visitors by beautifying Hollywood and Venice Beach, just to name two commonly featured destinations. Most importantly, let us not let "Hollywood" just go away to places like Canada!

We can attract business to Los Angeles by cleaning up the entire city from Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley, trimming trees to filling potholes just like when you're selling a business or a home, you fix them up before you offer them for sale. In fact, I have had the city clean up my neighborhood here in Venice Beach by trimming more the 600 hundred palm trees to having the County of Los Angeles re-pave three large Venice Beach parking lots, creating a better environment for locals and tourists.

Finally, enter the world of "e-mayor" Mozena for Los Angeles. I would encourage the creation of e-business web sites by local Los Angeles citizens from gift stores to flower shops to bookstores to kitchenware stores. Just like in 1994 when I founded my cutting-edge Electronic Textbook Publishing Company (, I saw the potential of the web, and now I see the potential of Los Angeles entrepreneurs and would encourage all these citizens to enter the e-world. At this point, e-business web-authoring and graphic software programs have become extremely user-friendly for anyone to create an e-commerce web site. In turn, I would encourage all computer education programs for Los Angeles citizens to enter the e-economy and assist them to establish business web sites.

For example, even before I have become Mayor of Los Angeles, African-American Entrepreneur Allen Suggs has seen me as someone willing to help a person with an e-dream. Suggs, an artist who creates gift items such as bracelets and rings out of craft wire, felt he might get "left behind" with technology and asked me how he could obtain a web site for his wirebike company.

To his delight, I gave him exact advice on starting his company. Suggs said the company is now on the web at, and credits me for his success.

Suggs said, "You're the e-man! You helped me get started on the web with all the answers! You have my vote for mayor...You're the 'e-mayor' Mozena for Los Angeles!"

The "MediaGate"

I would like to point out that there are just 15 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates out of a city of nearly 4 million citizens, representing less than one percent of the population, but the Los Angeles Television Media is only reporting about six. I would like to ask you, as a civic duty, to call ALL the Los Angeles local T.V. News Directors and tell them you want reports and profiles on ALL the Los Angeles Candidates. The Los Angeles T.V. News stations, News Directors names and telephone numbers follow:

KTLA-5 Jeff Wald 1-323-460-5333
KCBS-2 Roger Bell 1-323-460-3733
KNBC-4 Nancy Bauer-Gonzalez 1-818-840-4444
KABC-7 Cheryl Fair 1-818-863-7777
KCAL-9 Dennis Herzit 1-323-469-4979
FOX-11 Jose Rios 1-310-584-2000
KABC-7 Cheryl Fair 1-818-863-7777
UPN-13 Larry Perret 1-323-851-1000

There are federal laws, such as "Public Interest" and "Equal Time", that the Local Los Angeles News Media is violating in my option by "Gatekeeping" your political news. I have dubbed this "MEDIAGATE". There is no logical reason for the exclusions, only excuses. The public has the right to know about ALL the candidates, so call them and express your outrage.

New Idea of Private Transit vs. Mass Transit as suggested by USC Dr. Catie Burke's of the Public Administration in her book.

Of course, the tried and true old ideas of reversible lanes, high occupancy lanes, more car pool lanes, more traffic signals, light rail. I'm from the N.W. and we have had these ideas for more than 20 years in use.

Expand LAX but first have Ontario, Palmdale and Orange County maximize their airports. Move hotels along Century Blvd. and University Housing on Sepulveda as a few expansion areas with disrupted the residents of LA, Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Mar Vista and El Segundo.

Restrooms along the light rail routes at the boarding stations.


Have the citizen-owned sports team in Los Angeles for the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, Avengers, and Galaxy. We fund the stadiums and arenas, so we should share in the profits of the L.A. teams because we are Los Angeles Citizens.


Secession Movement

Some have argued the San Fernando Valley should secede from the City of Los Angeles. Is that what is best for Los Angeles and best for the Valley?

If the people of the Valley want to secede, let it happen by placing the question on the ballot for Valley Voters. Our government is not a dictatorship. It is a representative government, designed to respond to what the people, its citizens, want.

There are important considerations we should address in order to prepare for separation. The V.O.T.E. Organization, headed by Mr. Jeff Brain, has put much work into answering these questions. See V.O.T.E's web site at for more information.

Certainly, Revenues, Expenses and Liabilities need to be considered as a part of the separation. Revenue from the Port of Los Angeles needs to be allotted proportionally. At the same time, the Valley will need to bear a proportion of future, unseen liabilities, such as the inevitable Rampart settlements. The Valley should obligate itself to pay a fair percentage; based on population, revenue, etc, of future liabilities by signing an agreement to bear for liabilities incurred prior to the day of secession. If the new Valley City chooses not to obligate itself, the Valley should buy a Liability Policy from Lloyds of London. In addition, the city of Los Angeles and the new Valley City need to carefully work out the conditions for transfer of facilities, infrastructure, and employees.

Beautify L.A.!
Create Shangri L.A. Beautify the City, Hollywood and the Beaches to live up to image Hollywood industry has created for L.A. and Hollywood.
Create Hollywoodland, a  mom and pop theme park in Hollywood along Hollywood Blvd.



Mr. Mozena has taken homeless to baseball games to music concerts.

In fact, he has worked trying to get a homeless man's signed to one of the major five record labels. The homeless man wrote and sings a song, he burned onto a CD about the love a humanity. Howard Stern's producer are currently considering playing the homeless man's song nationally. Universal Music Group said they would sign the homeless man to the label if he get national publicity or national airplay.

Mr. Mozena will ask the city to fund a Downtown Homeless Shelter along with soliciting funds from Hollywood Celebrities and Elitie to build a safe haven for ALL the homeless in Los Angeles to live like human beings NOT stray animals on the street.


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