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Welcome to the Volunteer Page.

We need your help.

Please Select Your Neighborhood To Volunteer:

I know that the fight ahead of me is not an easy one. And, that is why I am asking for your help. We need each other to fight for what is right for us as citizens of Los Angeles.

My message is simple. Every neighborhood has a voice and should be heard attached with action to solve any problems.

  • Iím tired of the lip service politicians feed us.
  • Iím tired of the arguing with city officials.
  • Iím tired of the city officials who make decisions not in the interest of citizens of Los Angeles, but in the best interest of the few elite who control it.

I know many feel this way and that is why I decided to become a candidate for Mayor of Los help those who are not in the elite L.A. club.

Come join our help you, your family and your neighborhood!

  • If you, like me, are tired of the same old politics, come join our team.
  • If you are tired of inaction, the finger-pointing, and the hollow rhetoric.
  • If you are tired of people who say one thing and do another, come and join the Mayor Mozena for Los Angeles team!

I look forward to visiting every neighborhood, to remind the citizens of Los Angeles that this is an important race, and I can stand up and say whatís right.

I have fought and won many battles for my local community in Venice. In fact, I have fought and sued Los Angeles City Hall and won!

Help me win again, this April 10, 2001, by volunteering for me and voting for me to help you and the more than 3.5 million citizens of Los Angeles have the best city in the United States.

I thank you for your help in advance.


Steve Mozena for Mayor of Los Angeles 2001

Last Name: First Name:
Street Address: City, State, ZIP
Phone 1 Phone 2
Fax: Email Address:
Current Employer or School Attending: Job Title or Major
CA Driver's License/Exp. Date
Social Security Number Date of Birth

NOTE: Information provided will be kept confidential and used only for security clearance, if needed

When are you AVAILABLE to Volunteer? NOTE: Our greatest need for volunteers will occur in January and especially March. Check the days you are available.
M T W Th F S Su
M T W Th F S Su
M T W Th F S Su
M T W Th F S Su
M T W Th F S Su

In which areas are you willing to participate? NOTE: Assignments cannot be guaranteed.

Office/Clerical Driving Special Events
Marketing/P.R. Speech Writing/Editing Compter Skills
Communications Open to any assignment Other
Check here if you have prior campaign experience.
Check here if you have special needs

Computer Skills:
Microsoft Word 6.0
Microsoft Word 5.0
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Power Point
Other than English, what languages do you speak?

Thanks for your interest in volunteering.
We look forward to working with you

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